Thuso Mbedu Demands South African Men To Stop Social Persecution

Thuso Mbedu Demands South African Men To Stop Social Persecution

South African actress Thuso Mbedu is that the latest star to talk out against gender-based-violence and plead with South African men to prevent.
Thuso Mbedu Demands South African Men To Stop Social Persecution

Taking to her Instagram account, Thuso was in disbelief over the shooting of a lady at a police headquarters.

The woman walked into the police headquarters to open a case against her husband who had been abusing her. The exact same husband walked in with a gun and shot her dead.

Women across South African have taken to social media to voice their concern over the security of their lives – asking, how is it possible that a person walks into a police headquarters armed and shoots a lady ahead of the police.

“I’m not a poet. I’m not a musician and that I am not a fine artist so I can’t draw my pain.” Said a devastated Thuso Mbedu. “I cannot sing my sorrows and that I can’t find the right words to best articulate the fear and therefore the state of mind of the everyday woman in South Africa immediately .”

She then stated that from she’s sitting she will only plead with those in power to try to something about this because it is getting out of hand. “All I can do is urge the powers that be, which will actually make a difference to try to something.”

Mbedu then pleaded with the lads across Mzansi to try to something. to talk with other men to vary their ways because women can’t find this war alone. “To the lads, who can speak to other men – do something. Obviously we are fighting this war alone and that we are losing.”

She also pleaded with those that abuse children and sexual offenders. “And then just make them stop. Stop gender-based violence, stop s.e.xually abusing women and youngsters .” She broke down into tears and couldn’t continue with the video.

The fight against gender-based violence and s.e.xual abuse has been happening for years in South Africa and there seems to be little change within the behavior despite countless pleas from women to men to varying their ways. We hope that Thuso Mbedu’s plea does inspire change from our men also inspires those that can make a difference to try to so.