TK Sebothoma organizes his time in a practical way in his career and normal life

TK Sebothoma organizes his time in a practical way in his career and normal life

It is no secret that there are quite a few Mzansi’s rising stars that have had fascinating career trajectories since they shot fame.

TK Sebothoma organizes his time in a practical way in his career and normal life

Joining within the fray is actor Tokollo Sebothoma, affectionately known within the show business as TK Sebothoma.

The actor has been within the limelight for a few years now and, he has managed to solidify himself together of Mzansi’s most respected actors and he’s easily one of the toughest working actors within the game.

TK is understood for a few of his notable characters on several local productions like Impilo- The Scam, Isithembiso, and MTV Shuga. The actor recently scored the role of Simon Ndlovu on BET Africa’s Isono and that we are here for it!


Isono may be a global first for BET Africa and maybe a daily drama format. The daily drama aims to inspire, vividly entertain, intrigue, and educate audiences with surprising twists and unexpected cliff hangers.

The show has given Mzansi deeper storylines this season, allowing us to urge more insight into each of the characters. ZAlebs recently scored an interview with the rising star to seek out out more about his character and his soaring acting career.

The actor says he followed the traditional industry prerequisite of auditioning to land the role. He says his agent told him about the role and said it might suit him and he visited audition for it.

TK says landing his big break within the cutthroat acting industry has not been easy also.

“Getting into the industry has been tough, you actually got to have the eagerness for it to be ready to take all the “No’s” and still awaken subsequent day and chase the exact same dream,” he states.
TK has won the hearts of the many together with his enthralling performances as Simon, and he says Isono has helped to catapult his acting career even to higher heights and he’s excited about his future.

“I’m quite excited for Isono reaching a worldwide audience, BET may be a global channel that produces work of a world standard and I’m very honored and blessed to be a part of the of the show.”

Isono features a star-studded cast and performances from the likes of Nthati Moshesh, Rami Chuene, and Anga Makubalo leaves many viewers on the sting of their seats as they deliver their artistry.

TK Sebothoma organizes his time in a practical way in his career and normal life

TK says working with all the cast members has been nothing in need of amazing and empowering.

“I love working with Nthati Moshesh, she’s so professional but also very fun and I’m learning tons from her and other veterans that we’ve on the show like Charmaine Minta and Rami Chuene, to call a couple of .”
Simon may be a character that a lot of don’t like thanks to his experiences in life but, TK says he doesn’t think he that much of an outcast.

“I don’t believe Simon is far of an outcast, I just think he’s misunderstood, and like every teenager within the world – he has trouble with articulating how he really feels, so he does it in a very destructive way which pushes people away and that they find yourself thinking he’s an outcast,” he says.
The actor who has even appeared on Mzansi Magic’s The River says, the show redeemed his acting career, and dealing on several local productions taught him more about the acting industry.

“Being on those shows was great, I always left those sets having learned something new either about myself or the industry or both. But the show that I think has redeemed career so far is that the River,” he added.

TK who says he doesn’t consider himself a star says has his eyes assail venturing into TV directing within the future.

“Directing is my next big goal within the industry once I’ve gotten my directing career off the bottom then I can start thinking of achieving other goals within the sector. I haven’t thought of other characters I’d wish to play, but I’d want my next character to be an emotionally challenging one on behalf of me .”
TK recently bagged a task within the much-anticipated Netflix drama series Kings of Joburg, produced by media moguls and SA couple Connie and Shona Ferguson.

The 6-part series delves into the legacy building, fragmented family structures, treacherous brotherhoods, and therefore the effects of crime and African masculinities on families and society at large. Loyalties are going to be tested, with long-held secrets threatening to shatter the delicate facade.

The actor will assume the character of a spoilt and privileged Tlotlo Masire. The series is about to premiere on 4 December 2020.

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