Tweeps remind Boity to comment “cockroaches”

Tweeps remind Boity to comment “cockroaches”

Boity Thulo might just be one among the foremost sincere media personalities, or an aspiring Olivia Pope. And if tweeps are to be believed, it’s learning to the latter. Why? Here’s a fast catch session.
Tweeps remind Boity to comment "cockroaches"

The star had taken to Twitter just last week to talk about her love for the bag. The tweets come needless to say because of the good sis’ dreams through her tweets. on the other hand, a male tweep decided to tug Boity for being in her “thirties”- when she actually just turned 30-years-old this year- and still single. The tweep went on to suggest if she is trying to find a person with a bag as heavy as hers she stays single for a short time.

No one is certain why, but Boity was clearly not having it that day and went in on the tweep by pertaining to them as a “roach.” It didn’t take long for other male tweeps to start out attacking the rapper turned reality star in her mentions. Boity rather than blocking that hate decided to plunge head in first with a tweet that suggested that men are “unemployed roaches” that stay Twitter gossiping because they need nothing else to try.

Fast forward to Thursday, 3 September 2020, Boity returns to the Twitter streets and offered an “apology.” In her words, she basically stated that “These men insulted me in every way possible. I too responded with insults and proceeded to call those men unemployed roaches. If you didn’t insult me that day, the insult wasn’t meant for you.” She then added a smiling face emoji to showcase that there have been no hard feelings.

And then on Friday, 4 September 2020, Boity announces her “Boity Pink Sapphire” Eau de Parfum, posing for support from tweeps to shop for her fragrance. But the “apology” had not stuck, so tweeps went in reminding her of her roach comments. They did so, such a lot that “roaches” trended with many inquiring if the apology was sincere or was her way of claiming, “Let’s advance, so you’ll buy my fragrance.”

Tweeps were sure to not let things slide easily, especially after the worth of “Boity Pink Sapphire” was made public. The bottle is priced at R1 495.00. Tweeps dragged the worth calling it the foremost expensive pesticide. Some went as far as asking what smells better between the fragrance and leading insectifuge sprays.

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