#Uzalo: Sbonelo’s Wives Fight For His Attention

#Uzalo: Sbonelo’s Wives Fight For His Attention

Making a polygamous marriage work is not any easy task which are some things Uzalo’s Sbonelo’s has to find out as he deals together with his wives.

Sbonelo married Nonka and Sphilile on an equivalent day but both ladies were unaware that they might be getting married to the person they loved, well luckily for him his plan succeed and he was ready to marry both ladies.

Marrying the women was one task now getting the women to measure in peace under one roof may be a whole different game which ladies are fighting hard for his or her man’s attention.

Sbonelo’s wives are pulling all out all the stops and even have viewers choosing sides.

Uzalo is not any stranger to polygamy storylines, previously Nkunzi, who is Sbonelo’s father also took on two wives which ended up with one among the wive’s leaving.

As to whether Nonka and Sphilile will find footing and live happily ever after in their polygamous marriage time will only tell.

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