Uzalo talks about owning a very high fortune home

Uzalo talks about owning a very high fortune home

Congratulations are so as for Uzalo actress Noxolo Mathula, who has bought an R1.8 Million house.

Uzalo talks about owning a very high fortune home

She within the near past”> only recently bought herself a car and now rolled in the big guns and purchased herself and her family a house.

The 26-year-old Kwa-Mashu born actress who stars as detective Lily on the Kwa-Mashu hit drama series Uzalo has made an enormous name for herself. Her powerful acting skills and effervescent demeanor have made her one among Mzansi’s favorite characters on Uzalo.

She re-affirmed that dreams are valid and has taken to social media to announce her milestone, writing “Black child it’s possible!” as her caption. The starlet is reaping the rewards of her diligence and there’s clearly more to return, as she is about making more of her dreams a reality.

It seems as if the Uzalo girls are well within their bag as actress Gugu Gumede bought an upscale fresh Land Rover which costs approximately R1,7 million. Not only that but therein same week she also acquired a replacement house!

In a lengthy message, Gugu Gumede had herself and her financial advisor to thank for her latest big purchase alongside people who played a task.

Even though the planet has currently lost tons due to the pandemic, affecting people’s livelihoods, the actresses are grateful to be ready to buy such expensive luxuries and properties.

Gugu Gumede’s hustles are faraway from over as she is about on becoming a billionaire. “Not the sort of content I prefer to post, but definitely the sort of testimonies I prefer to ascertain. God has been so faithful. During the time of famine, I’ve thrived. Within one week, I signed the transfer docs to my first home and got this baby too. God did that,” she wrote.

Gugu then thanked her banker and financial advisor for creating it possible as was ready to use her money wisely.

“Thank you to my banker, @ntokozomalembe, who works overtime with my 😂 many thanks for helping me make sound financial decisions and guiding me. You’ve changed my life. To my financial adviser, @leroyfirmin, whom I’m on the phone with the way an excessive amount of, discussing how he must make me a billionaire by the time I’m forty, you’ve got 11 years Leroy, don’t sleep.

Congratulations once more Noxolo on her achievement.