Violent attack from fans on DJ Maphorisa for those terrible costumes

Violent attack from fans on DJ Maphorisa for those terrible costumes

We have to admit, not everyone features a common sense of fashion.
Violent attack from fans on DJ Maphorisa for those terrible costumes

As much as art and self-expression are subjective and everybody is entitled to an opinion, we will all agree that some outfits have us screaming “ew” in unison.

Maybe we do not get fashion, or even we just aren’t getting these celebrities’ clothing choices!

From DJ Maphorisa’s rainbow moment to Sizwe Dhlomo’s “rich landowner couture” here are celeb fashion moments that hit the mark with Mzansi!

DJ Maphorisa

Nana Thula hitmaker DJ Maphorisa made one among the most important fashion blunders, consistent with the web.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the amapiano musician posted a photograph of himself donning a blue, yellow, red and green fit.

The star features in his infamous look in Simba’s “Sounds of Flavours” advert.

The multicoloured outfit, with more layers than an onion, sparked outrage. the style police were able to sentence him to life, with the web labelling the star “the rakgadi of the style show”.

Fans also compared the star’s outfit to a children’s jumping castle, colourful popcorn, cleaning products … need we are saying more?

Sorry Phori, colour blocking just isn’t for you!

Sizwe Dhlomo

TL rabble-rouser and pot-stirrer Sizwe Dhlomo almost caused Twitter shutdown together with his “landowner” eleganza.

The notorious pic emerged when DJ Black Coffee posted a photograph of himself back in SA with Sizwe Dhlomo and Maps Mapoyane.

Picture outside Maps’ famous burger joint Buns Out, fans were living for Maps and Black Coffee’s casual wear. However, the web wasn’t too keen on Sizwe’s farmer couture.

Though he’s known for flexing about being a farmer and owning land, the web was in stitches once they verified the star’s feet in sandals.

Twitter clowned on the star for his gaffe but Sizwe laughed off things.

Maybe a closed-toe shoe next time? Then no-one is going to be coming for your little piggies!

Pearl Modiadie

Violent attack from fans on DJ Maphorisa for those terrible costumes
New mommy and television presenter Pearl Modiadie had a wardrobe malfunction of note. albeit her two-piece gown was star quality, the star proved that not everything that glitters is gold.

In a video posted to Instagram, Pearl said that she was attempting to try to to a “flying ballerina pose”, where you jump within the air and leap sort of a dancer.

Ready for her graceful Swan Lake moment, Pearl glided within the air and um … the highest half her outfit decided to fly also.

Pearl managed to stay things PG by censoring what we weren’t alleged to see. Fans were LOL-ing at the instant, with the comments sections crammed with crying and laughing emojis.

She was also praised for not taking the style bungle too seriously.

Fabulous outfit! just two words: body tape.

Rachel Kolisi
Though she and hubby Springbok were voted as SA’s most stylish couple, ironically Rachel Kolisi landed abreast of a couple of of the worst dressed lists this year.

At the SA Style Awards, Rachel was seen during a short denim dress that had critics conflicted. The outfit with mismatched accessories had the star labelled as pulling a fashion no-no which wasn’t “age-inappropriate”.

However, the web said the star was actually looking pretty fly after Siya posted a snap of her outfit to his social media.

Even if the outfit had Mzansi divided, Rachel appeared to be living for the design regardless.

Everyone has an opinion, so you are doing your girl!


An outfit that caused conversation thanks to its sheer controversial nature was YouTuber and comedian Lasizwe’s “preggo bump” number.

Attending the DStv Mzansi Viewer’s Choice awards, Lasizwe was seen during a black gown with lace and diamanté embellishments.

Not being his first time during a killer gown, fans praised the star for breaking the mould, until they spotted his stomach.

Obviously wearing a pregnancy suit, the star posed for the camera caressing his “love bump” and received some big-league backlash for the outfit.

It was mostly the shock at the star pitching up at the event, an entire 12 months pregnant.

We all love an honest statement outfit … still shock the state and push limits Lasizwe!

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