What’s the secret that makes Connie Ferguson so young and graceful?

What’s the secret that makes Connie Ferguson so young and graceful?

What's the secret that makes Connie Ferguson so young and graceful?

Connie Ferguson is one fit momma. The television star is arguably one of the country’s most famous celebs who live the massive in Mzansi.

Connie became a household name when she bagged the character of Karabo Moroka in Generations and a few of the items she has been according to are maintaining her body and her looks.

Connie Ferguson

The TV actress and fitness Bunnie is usually fixing the hard yards within the gym and she or he constantly breaks the web wherever she shares pictures of her post-workout physique.

For the longest time, the starlet has always been health conscious and it seems, gaining weight for her isn’t a part of her list of the items she wants. whenever when she shows off her killer abs, it makes us consider about ordering fast foods at a restaurant.

Whether cold or hot you’ll bet your last cent that Connie is usually within the gym or out on the sector getting fit and her family even joins her. you’ll check out her body and envy it but the reality is, there’s tons of diligence and sacrifice she put in to make sure her body is well maintained.

We take a glance at her top 5 workout routines:

1. Agility Ladder Drills.

This routine includes skipping through runs sideways and it helps to enhance your flexibility and balance. Connie recently shared a video of her understanding and she or he was killing it.

2. Boxfit.

The workout enhances your cardiovascular health and Connie has now become a lover of it. In a post, she detailed why she hated it initially .

“I have an ankle op and arthritis within the lower back, hip, knees, and therefore the operated ankle. For a really while , I hated any sort of exercise that involved jumping because somehow I always hurt myself! Flash forward to today! i used to be so chuffed with myself for creating it through @sinalonokele563 bag work section witch included quite few jumps! Awesome class!😬! #rentpaidinfull.” she wrote.

3 HIIT workout.

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, and this workout boosts your metabolism.

Connie recently shared a video understanding and thanked Xoli Ndongeni for creating her push more “@xolisani_nomeva keeps pushing me beyond what i think myself to be capable of! Mind over matter may be a real thing!”

4 Skipping workout.

The actress recently posted a video of her doing the skipping workout and she or he did 100 skips and OMG, her energy is unmatched.

5, Pushups workout.

Connie recently shared a video of her doing pushups and she or he killed them!