Zibo rest her soul in peace because she saw her baby before she died

Zibo rest her soul in peace because she saw her baby before she died

The death of popular Botswana YouTuber, Zibo Bantsi, it’s something many folks are still struggling to return to terms with.

Zibo rest her soul in peace because she saw her baby before she died

The bubbly influencer gave up the ghost on Thursday, 1 October 2020 after succumbing to the fatal complications experienced after childbirth.

Zibo was honored at a memorial service held today, 8 October 2020 which saw her closest friends and family joining together to pay tribute to the social media star. The 3-hour long service was shared to survive Facebook where over 100 thousand people watched the steam. Messages of condolences flooded in throughout the printed, with many left in tears as they watched her friends and family reminisce on memories together with her.

The Bansi family honored her partner, Frost Legato, who is that the father of her newborn baby, Azha Nthati Bantsi, and acknowledged the pain that both him and her mother, Sami Bantsi were experiencing. Whilst both Frost and Sami were unable to muster the strength to talk at the memorial, Zibo’s mom asked for a special message to be read out aloud.

It stated, “I love that she is my child. How loving she is. How kind and considerate she is. How funny she is. She is stronger than she knows and she or he is gorgeous. Her smile radiates. She is respectful albeit she gives me an attitude here and there and she or he is extremely appreciative. This child always shows gratitude. She is knowing, knows who she is, and where she comes from – a robust sense of self. “

During the service, emotional videos were played which looked back on the lifetime of Zibo together with her closest circle of friends and family. In one of the videos, it had been revealed that Zibo was afforded the chance of meeting and spending time together with her daughter before her passing. The gut-wrenching video saw Zibo chatting with her Azha as she cooed and looked in adoration at her mother.

The Bansi family also shared a message to Zibo’s Instagram page, stating that Zibo is going to be laid to rest on Friday, 9 October 2020, however, it’ll be kept private. They stated, “The family would really like to invite privacy at this moment, but we do understand she shared her life with the general public, however, we’ll not be streaming the funeral on Friday. many thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.”

Watch the live memorial service on the Zibo Bantsi Memorial Facebook page.