Zodwa has made the decision to emigrate from the country and there is no going back

Zodwa has made the decision to emigrate from the country and there is no going back

South African media personality, Zodwa Wabantu, is taking subsequent steps in her career by making the move to Johannesburg.

Zodwa has made the decision to emigrate from the country and there is no going back

The Sowetan-born reality star has lived most of her life in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, and has debated making the move for a few months, and it appears as if she has finally taken the plunge.

In an Instagram post on Monday, 9 November 2020, Zodwa shared a video of herself captioned with, “I’m Moving to Johannesburg permanently . Welcome me with Businesses & Money”. within the video itself, she went on explain that the most thing she is after is money, and encourages all of her fans to place their best foot forward, and afford her with opportunities to secure the bag. She said, “Please welcome me with businesses, bookings, and an opportunity to form me a hustler, a far better person, and going after money. I’m moving to Joburg and that I am after money.”

Just a fortnight ago, Zodwa claimed to possess been through with the thought of living in both Durban and Johannesburg and was supposedly getting to make moves to Nelspruit. In an emotional post, she claimed that nobody was there for her, and seemed to be having an opportunity down thanks to all the strain she was experiencing as a name.

the truth star shared pictures of a structure that she has been developing which can be a salon. Based in Nelspruit, Zodwa explains that she has nothing left for her in Durban or Johannesburg, which should possibly be making the move to the new province.

She stated, “Empire, building my Future Businesses Nothing is Keeping me at Durban or Johannesburg. At Nelspruit are you Ready for Zodwa Wabantu Salons? Mine. petrolatum, Lipsticks, Perfumes by Zodwa Wabantu. I report back to nobody .”

Zodwa’s fans assured her that she always has them when she is feeling low, and even offered their sincere apologies if that they had anything to try to do together with her break down. Pinky Girl even left a discussion her post, stating, “I also felt like that last week… you’re right people just wanna benefit, it’s so overwhelming…. tiring. take it easy. you’re blessed and loved.”

Zodwa’s Durban-based fans shared their disappointment that she was leaving KZN, with many posing to reassure them that she is going to still host parties within the province. Bonnie commented, “Joburg is that the money. Dbn is your heart. Promise to return back and party with us?!”

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