Zodwa Wabantu does not consider coronavirus when interacting with its audience

Zodwa Wabantu does not consider coronavirus when interacting with its audience

Socialite Zodwa Wabantu is usually in the spotlight and this point for doing what she is best known for, being an entertainer and showing off tons of skin.

Zodwa Wabantu does not consider coronavirus when interacting with its audience

Overwhelmed by the love and support she has been receiving from fans as she has resumed her duties as a dancer at clubs, she has taken her excitement a touch too far.

Zodwa has been sharing a couple of clips of herself dancing and entertaining crowds at an occasion in Hartbeespoort, Sunnyside Lifestyle Lounge over the weekend. In one of her many clips she has shared on Instagram, a couple of male fans are seen trying to kiss her but she pulls faraway from them.

However, within the next video she shared, she finally agrees to kiss fans with no worry whatsoever. As she is kissing the crowds, tons of the people are touching and twiddling with her body.

Her comments section was crammed with people worried about her disregard for COVID-19 safety precautions, as she is working at an occasion where nobody is wearing masks which she allows for his or her lips to the touch, after kissing tons of individuals.

A follower, nozulu_wakwampafane commented: “Please stop kissing them while..please to stand sam…I still want you safe” an invitation Zodwa replied with “okay” and laughed.

Zodwa has recently affirmed her love for her new man who isn’t a Ben 10, saying she is retiring from the sport of dating younger men.

The entertainer is about keeping her new bae forever as consistent with her, they share something special. Her new bae, which she hopes to stay on the down-low has Zodwa smitten and has been flying to Johannesburg just to spend a while with him.

“We kept in touch, but we didn’t have any special feelings. I then had a way that I liked the guy and it clothed he had feelings on behalf of me too,” she said

“I told him I used to be going wherever he was going as I wanted to kiss him and have s*x with him. I didn’t care if it might be a one-night stand, but I felt like I used to be crazy with him.”

“I come to Joburg regularly to ascertain him because I’m happy. I won’t reveal his name because all my relationships are public and other people are talking. With this one I even have learned from my mistakes,” she said. “He may be a man who says what he wants and the way he feels. I will be able to reveal him when the time is true. I really like him so much!”