Zodwa Wabantu has AIDS, fact or purely rumors


Zodwa Wabantu has AIDS, fact or purely rumors

Performer and socialite Zodwa Wabantu hopes to form people with HIV/Aids feel less ashamed of their status and therefore the internet couldn’t agree more!

Zodwa Wabantu has AIDS, fact or purely rumors

With all the advances in medicine to assist the lives of those with HIV/Aids, celebs have often used their platforms to figure on getting society trapped also.

Recently, controversial dancer Zodwa has been campaigning for SA to destigmatize living with HIV/Aids. this may be shown on the second season of her television program Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored on Moja Love.

Taking to Instagram to tease fans, Zodwa took fans through the method of her getting tested for HIV/Aids.

The star also posted a photograph of 1 negative and positive test, sparking conversation and debate about the subject in anticipation of the newest season of her reality television program.

Zodwa’s fans shared their admiration for the star’s initiative, also adding to the conversation about HIV/Aids.

Take a glance for yourself:

Actress Refilwe Modiselle also praised the star for taking the HIV/Aids conversation onto national television. After the star said that being either negative or positive shouldn’t define someone, Zodwa emphasized that at the core of it all that’s her message.

“That’s why I would like us to interact with our people we have a responsibility to show ’cause God gave us the platform to be famous but share with them,” replied Zodwa.

In the past, rumors were swirling about Zodwa. Many believed that she is HIV positive. However, the star clarified that she refuses to be bullied into revealing her status.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE in 2018, the star said that she is going to fight back against the negativity thrown her way. Essentially, Zodwa believes that your status is your business.

“I am not the type of person who will get sensitive and defend myself. Instead, I will be able to fight back. it’s not their right to ‘out’ people or forces people to reveal their status. they’re being bullies if they’re then I will be able to tell them that. Your status is your business. it’s yours, embrace it. Don’t allow others to form a mockery of it,” said Zodwa.