Zodwa Wabantu: “I get anything that I want because of her.” she Shows Off Her huge”Mamlambo” Snake

Zodwa Wabantu: “I get anything that I want because of her.” she Shows Off Her huge”Mamlambo” Snake

Controversial entertainer Zodwa Wabantu, has taken to social media to share a video of her giant mamlambo snake. The video has raised eyebrows to a number of her fans who are frightened of snakes.
Zodwa Wabantu: "I get anything that I want because of her." she Shows Off Her huge"Mamlambo" Snake

Zodwa has won the hearts of the many for not shying faraway from posting about her private life on social media, to offer fans a glimpse into her lifestyle. Zodwa who also features a reality show has been showing fans videos of her vaginal tightening procedures, which have also set tongues wagging, proving that she doesn’t care about what naysayers says.

The reality show recently visited the famous Vilakazi Street in Soweto, where she took a video holding an enormous black and yellow python.

Zodwa jokingly said the snakes helps her to urge everything she wants ““Hi guys, I’m just getting to revive my Mamlambo, this is often my mlambo, i buy anything i would like due to her. Don’t rob yourselves guys” she said.

The reality show star video left her fans with mixed reactions. Some enjoyed the humor on the video while some say they’re scared of snakes. “The way i’m frightened of snakes 🐍😫 even watching you play with it freaks me out,” says a lover .

One fan said she doesn’t want to rob herself also and said “Can I even have one.. angifuni ukuzi roba!!”

This is not the primary time Zodwa has shared a video with a snake, the entertainer once revealed that the rationale behind many falling crazy together with her is because she a snake she allegedly uses for ukuthwala, a ritual performed for somebody to be rich.

The entertainer said people often says she is loved by fans but it’s due to ukuthwala.

Zodwa recently shared an image of his new boyfriend on social media. The pair rocked black outfits with both deciding to not face the camera. Zodwa who prefers so far Ben 10’s seems to possess found a person who is in her age bracket .

Her man is seemingly based in Johannesburg and she or he often visits him. Zodwa recently broke up together with her ex-boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi. The entertainer accused Vusi of being a fraudster during a fiery Instagram video. She claimed that Vusi had purchased his Audi R8 using her name and contacts presenting himself as her lover, however, that they had choppy at the time, but the corporate distanced themselves from the claims.