Zodwa Wabantu Not troubled about being Arrested

Zodwa Wabantu Not troubled about being Arrested

Zodwa Wabantu doesn’t seem worried in the least. Reports this morning were that Zodwa Wabantu faces Arrest after Vusi Ngubane reported to the police. But a video of Zodwa Wabantu grooving within the car shows the dancing queen isn’t worried about the arrest claims.
Zodwa Wabantu Not troubled about being Arrested

Zodwa is seen in car singing to the beat and doesn’t seem in the least worried about Vusi Buthelezi reporting to the police. Zodwa Wabantu captioned the video – The Zodwa Wabantu for the People Owabantu😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Angiyazi Abudayiswa @phumlani_siphesihle_mgxobani

Watch as Zodwa Wabantu shows how she isn’t about the news that Vusi reported to the police. She is simply not fazed in the least.

Zodwa Wabantu’s ex Vusi Buthelezi says he’s opening a police case against her for defamation and harassment.

Posting on his Instagram, Vusi says he has turned himself in at various police stations but there’s no case opened against him as reported by Zodwa Wabantu. He has decided to fight back through the courts.

“My legal representatives and I reported to varied police stations so to show myself certain the alleged fraud case. No police headquarters confirmed that I’m wanted for any fraud case. Harassment order interdict and defamation of character lawsuit are underway,” he posted.

The developments follow accusations by Zodwa Wabantu that Vusi used her connections to shop for an Audi vehicle from one Durban dealership. Zodwa alleges that Vusi alleged to are sent by Zodwa to shop for a vehicle on her behalf and received a huge discount.

Zodwa posted a video today accusing Vusi of fraud and threatened to possess him arrested. He even put a bounty on Vusi and she or he said she wants him alive.

“Vusi I don’t fear you. I even have been quiet. I will be able to call the police and anyone who has seen Vusi know that he’s a fraudster. I even have been brooding about your future