Zodwa Wabantu publishes a live broadcast while it tests for Coronavirus

Zodwa Wabantu publishes a live broadcast while it tests for Coronavirus

Zodwa Wabantu is currently shooting the second season of the once second most-watched reality television program on DSTV, “Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored.” When Zodwa was shooting the primary season, the very fact that she went on stage together with her risqué outfits was enough of a buzz to possess people glued to their screens. But who could also forget when she detailed her close reference to the (former) Queen of glitz, Khanyi Mbau.

Zodwa Wabantu publishes a live broadcast while it tests for Coronavirus

But it seems that for the second season of the show, Zodwa has one thing on her mind- content. The star seems to be getting to different lengths to form sure that there are twists, turns, and pit latrines in every episode. the newest of the stunts she has pulled she shared on Instagram for all to ascertain. Zodwa first shared a picture of herself sitting on a pit latrine relieving herself. By her side were cameras to point that “this is for television.”

But during a subsequent post, she then gave us maybe a touch quite we might have wanted to see- but here we are. Zodwa shared a video of herself sitting on Hell latrine, possibly sharing how most folks already feel about 2021- that it’s already beginning to appear as if a continuation of the last year- a sh*t show. Zodwa went as far as adding the detailing of her wiping her posterior to drive the purpose across.

The star’s year has already gotten off to a bitter-sweet start. Bitter as Zodwa recently shared that she too has lost a beloved thanks to the pandemic and therefore the resurgence. But Zodwa used the chance to inspire by taking to Instagram to showcase herself receiving the COVID-19 test to inspire others to require better care of themselves.

While the passing of her loved-one may need been a bitter start to the New Year, Zodwa has also had reason to celebrate. the great sis moved from starting a makeup empire that might have a petrolatum line, to get into stock. She revealed that one among her new ventures is selling chickens and eggs under the Zodwa Wabantu Eggs umbrella. Her first celebrity customer was Kelly Khumalo, which could mean that the business will flourish or find yourself like- Well, some things are better left unsaid.

Another project that we will all anticipate is her reality show. Thinking back to last year Zodwa has given us moments that ought to are recorded for television. Therefore, it’ll interest to ascertain which moments make it on. From her love-back moment with an ex, Vusi Ngubane, to her paying homage to her family with a standard affair and receiving her isiphandla. The upcoming season of “Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored” promises to possess content galore.

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