Zonke misses out on providing adequate sound effects for the show

Zonke misses out on providing adequate sound effects for the show

Local singer Zonke Dikana was meant to perform at GOG Park in Soweto at 7 PM yesterday.

Zonke misses out on providing adequate sound effects for the show

But her excitement was marred by sound issues which saw herself and her band having to attend for over an hour to perform. She documented the entire experience thoroughly on her social media accounts to form sure her fans knew that she wasn’t liable for the blunder.

First Zonke posted a video of herself traveling to the venue, she seemed to be in elation and really looked forward to her performance. “Almost at GOG Park. I’m so excited, it has been a short time as you all know. So I cannot contain my excitement,” said Zonke.

Immediately after her arrival, Zonke posted an image of the venue to prove that she had arrived but she mentioned she was still waiting to be called on stage because the sound wasn’t ready. She tweeted, “Sitting backstage at GOG park waiting to be called on stage, apparently their sound isn’t yet ready hopefully all are going to be well soon”

After expecting quite an hour to perform Zonke decided to require the matter into her own hands and went onto the stage to deal with the difficulty. She then posted a video of herself apologizing to her fans before she broke into an impromptu performance of her hit song Jikizinto making it very clear that she was quite able to blow them away.

” I’m at GOG Park apologizing for the promoter’s existent sound. My band & I even have been expecting over an hour. I did this to point out to people I’m HERE. This I had to try because artists are attacked & blamed. I’m professional & I respect my audience. But this is often out of my hands,” Zonke captioned the post.

Early this year Zonke made the headlines for all the proper reasons after she helped a needy student settle her University fees. Responding to the favored “O Jews Keng?” tweet a distraught Bubu Sithole wrote, “I’m currently packing my bags and going back home because I even have outstanding fees and can’t register. I owe R29k &they want 17k on behalf of me to register provisionally. I used to be rejected by nsfas twice during a row even after I sent thru my mom’s death certificate and my dad’s disability papers”

Zonke spotted the tweet and responded with a suggestion to assist Bubu to stay in class.

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