Zozi Tunzi sets herself a role model for all the beauty pageants

Zozi Tunzi sets herself a role model for all the beauty pageants

Reigning Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi has been in elation since her arrival back within the country for the recently-concluded Miss South Africa 2020 pageant which was held this past Saturday.

Zozi Tunzi sets herself a role model for all the beauty pageants

She and current Miss South Africa, Sasha-Lee Olivier appeared together at a media conference at The Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town.

After a Tweep found a chance to go with Zozibini for her contribution in changing the perception of beauty that was previously tied to Miss South Africa, the tweep tried to insult women who wear weaves within the process, but Miss Universe was quick to correct the tweep and set them straight. Zozibini didn’t mince her words as she made it clear that she is for all women, no matter appearance.

The misguided tweep initially tweeted in Xhosa then tweeted an equivalent thing in Tshi-Venda.

Niyabavithiza straight you aba Sisi be a weave. Masithembe Nalo Sisi uzonyathela ezinyathelweni zakho abe Ngu Miss Universe

No Makala za hurt that the two the diva hurt having weave tahini doesn’t suggest you’re beautiful. You’re beautiful”

In isiXhosa, he said;

“You are truly giving these weave girls a tough time. allow us to hope that the present Miss South Africa also will follow in your footsteps and become Miss universe.”

Then he further directed his message to Shudufhadzo Musida and said;

“You have done the decent thing and shown that having a weave doesn’t suggest that you simply are beautiful. You’re beautiful.”

To which Zozibini made it clear where her stance is with regards to women and their beauty.

“It’s actually not that. It’s about autonomy. the power of girls expressing themselves however they prefer to. It’s about saying we are all beautiful in our natural hair and in weaves for those that prefer to. it isn’t a contest but a celebration of ALL Women”
Zozi Tunzi sets herself a role model for all the beauty pageants
Shudufhadzo revealed that she didn’t feel pressure following in the footsteps of reigning Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi.

“When I first saw her, I saw my very own face reflected. Before that, I didn’t realize that folks who seemed like me could compete and win on international stages. She opened the door on behalf of me and allowed me to require up my very own space. I’m not worried about comparisons – they aren’t a nasty thing in the least. I’m awed to be following in her footsteps.”

Shudu became a firm favorite together with her authentic look. Her striking beauty, natural bald head, and well-informed answers had South Africa convinced that she is that the next Miss SA 2020, explaining how she decided to chop her hair she says,

“I cut my hair in 2015. I used to be walking back from the gym and that I saw a salon and went there to chop. the rationale why I made a decision to chop my hair it had been for freedom and that I attach an excessive amount of importance to my hair because if I validate myself through my hair then we have a drag, so it had been more from my personal feeling and also it’s cheaper, ”

We hope more women are inspired to like themselves in any shape or form they feel comfortable in and men, including Ntsiki Mazwai, can finally leave weaves be.

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