Zozibini is the all-time beauty queen and there is absolutely no rival for her

Zozibini is the all-time beauty queen and there is absolutely no rival for her

When Zozibini Tunzi won the Miss South Africa crown back in 2019, she not only changed the perception of beauty queens together with her signature haircut; but her personality and laugh won the hearts of South Africans.

Zozibini is the all-time beauty queen and there is absolutely no rival for her

Even before she went on to win the Miss Universe 2019 crown, South Africans had firmly placed her on the Basetsana Kumalo status of beloved beauty queens that South Africans will always remember. But with Zozibini winning the Miss Universe crown, the value of being one among the foremost beloved and memorable Miss South Africas started showing what the negative side of it all was; the backlash that beauty queens that came after her would receive. Which to be honest, isn’t her fault.

First, it had been the recently dethroned Miss South Africa 2019, Sasha-Lee Olivier that took over the crown from Zozi. Besides people dragging by suggesting that she was the illegitimate Miss South Africa |African country|African nation”> South Africa because “Zozi will always be our Miss South Africa.” When the sweetness queen started learning weight because of, life; social media body-shamed Sasha with viral suggestions that she was pregnant. And even after she had addressed the rumors, whenever there was an opportunity to tug her, it had been used with no mercy.

Now it seems that the subsequent one to hold that cross is that the newly crowned Miss South Africa, Shudufhadzo Musida. the sweetness queen could be continuing the further disrupt the misconceptions of what a beauty queen is meant to seem like as a bald-headed, curvy beauty queen. But it seems that the matter that made her trend before she won the crown, is getting used as a reason to start out the smear campaign against Shudu.

First was the matter of Shudu not being as interactive on social media as Zozibini has been together with her followers on social media. This led to the chats over what has been discussed as her lack of a personality. By the second day of Zozibini having been crowned her laugh was a part of her magic and charisma. it’s been every week since Shudu has taken the crown, and that I bet not tons folks know what her laugh seems like .

But on Twitter, the talk has taken another wrong turn. As tweeps still compare, the talk has been reduced to the matter of tribalism. As a Miss South Africa from Limpopo- a province that has been overlooked for the wealth of talent it’s given to the country- many feel that the backlash is due to her origin and not her capability to handle the crown.

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